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That was pretty awesome, even if I never buy another CD or have no need for places like Newbury Comics again. It is always a good feeling to get that type of service you can only dream about.

Congrats! Its almost worth spending another $1.99 on a card to send to Alicia. Hell, you're still saving at least $3-4 on typical CD costs.

Christopher Davis

I've also had very good service at all the Newbury Comics locations I've been to (usually Harvard and Newbury, but sometimes others).

Just last week, I was buying the new REM album and the cashier asked if I was on the email list (they send out a weekly list of new releases with a few coupons). I said I was, and he said "there's a coupon for this, let me ring it through for you" even though I hadn't taken the time to print out the page or even remember that there was a coupon for that disc.

He gave me a discount I'd forgotten about, without my asking, in a situation where it would have been 100% my own failure for not getting the $2 off.

That's service, and that's why I keep going back.

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