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Wow. First Car woman is a lot more persistent than I would've been. I would've chalked up Coat woman as a nutcase not worth dealing with (no way you could reason with her) and tried to find another spot...

Marty Barrett

TC, and what were you doing while all this happened? Did you have a powder blue UN Observer helmet on?

This is a fascinating story of the jaw-droppingly ignorant belligerence people can resort to. I'm happy, though, that it is now legal to reserve your shoveled-out space with a trash can. If that is true, then I am that much closer to moving back.

That said, I need your address again. I have something for you (and it's not a shovel). E-mail it (again) on facebook if you would.


This sort of thing has happened to me twice. I always let them keep the space, and go buy a dozen eggs and come back and egg the car. I can't believe people would be so rude and then leave something worth thousands of dollars sitting there for me to take revenge upon.

I have been anointed "punisher of the annoying" in the field of battle.

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